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girl-that-swims asked: "Can I use a plain, artist's pastel to "chalk" my hair? or do I need specific hair chalk?"

You can use soft chalk (“Pastels”) to chalk your hair, just make sure the hair is wet, and then use a straightener to set the color. 

posted 3 months ago

redbutterflyartwork asked: "Hey I have brown hair with an blonde ombre. I also have two diff color eyes one brown, one green what color should I change my ombre to?"

I would say a paler shade of blue or purple. 

posted 1 year ago

highway-to-no-where asked: "i've got mousy brown hair and blue eyes what would be a cool colour to dip dye my hair?"

i would say blue, purple, or orange. 

posted 1 year ago

Would anyone like to help run this blog? 

things have gotten extremely hectic, and i’m the only one running it. 

if you’re interested, message me and we’ll talk about about it. : )

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hair tips and hair tutorials are on temporary hiatus.

i’ve started my college classes again, so hair tips and tutorials will be on a temporary hiatus. 

also sorry for the lack of posting recently. 

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